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Just bought the InfiniTV 4 today at microcenter today and picked up the cable Card at cablevision's walk in center here on Long Island.

I also called up a level 3 tech at cablevision to make sure I had my facts straight.

They said all channels including premium are NOT flagged, is this absolutely true? Is it really free in the clear without any copy once only nonsense?

I bought the PCIe version, would the usb version been better to free up precious real estate in the box?

Once the card is binded, can I reformat my hard drive or reimage without calling back cablevision?

Must this be used with only windows media center? If no, what format are the files recorded in?

Can this be streamed to my bedroom PC where i have a PC from my den via wireless lan?

Lastly, I have a dvico fusion dual qam tuner, an ati 750HD qam tuner and a haupaggur PVR with component inputs from STB and usb output.

Can all my tuners(8) be used in tandem?

And finally any favorite HTPC softwarte of choice, been using the old meedio for years.

Thanks for reading and for any answers!!!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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