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Infinity Beta speakers for sale. I am selling 2 cherry Beta 50's and one cherry Beta C360 in great condition... also 2 silver Infinity ES250 speakers in virtually like new condition (these have the versatile bipole / dipole option connections), and a huge black 12" Infinity subwoofer I purchased at the same time as the other speakers... selling all 6 Infinity speakers in the set. The floor speakers and center speaker have very minor scuffing of the vinyl covering from occasional contact with humans, but almost unnoticeable unless viewing up close.  No speakers have every had any physical damage to the boxes or speakers. The grilles on the 50's have a couple of the plastic mounting posts broken from the recent move, but most of the posts are intact and the grilles stay put with no problem. They look great.


The surround sound system was hardly ever used because my wife doesn't care for loud music or loud movies.  I used the ES250's as my rear surrounds mounted to my 10' den ceiling with brackets, so these speakers were never touched after mounting.  Part of a surround system made up of a Yamaha 100W AV receiver, a pair of cherry colored Infinity Beta 50's as front sides, a cherry Beta C360 for center channel, and a black 12" subwoofer. Unbelievable sound.  I last listened to this system watching a Lord of the Rings marathon a year or so ago, but have recently moved and they won't fit in my new home.  I am now forced to downsize to a mini surround system... like Bose or something comparable in size.


I am 61 years old... not a young guy... but have been a musician my entire life and enjoy QUALITY audio.  All the speakers work as perfectly as the day I brought them home.  I did my research before buying these speakers.  Many compared the sound with speaker systems costing $20K or more.  They are the best I've ever heard, and I am not happy about parting with them.  They literally will shake a huge 3-story house, enrage your neighbors, and destroy your wife's fine china... I know from experience.  I have never turned the volume on my Yamaha receiver past about 50% to drive these speakers... they don't need much power to deliver huge sound.


I will ship anywhere in North America, but imagine the packing and shipping costs will be pretty expensive.  I will need to build sturdy boxes and packing materials for shipping these speakers safely... no small task.  Accepting reasonable offers. Ships from Pensacola, FL... or buyer can pick up.  Thanks.
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