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I've decided on the Infinity Beta series for upgrading my home theater.

I'll be using the the beta 50s for the fronts and the C360 for the center.

Any reason to use the ES250s versus two more 20s for the surround speakers?

Price isn't too much different between the two. Is there an advantage to using the ES250s? or vice versa I'm a novice, no idea about bipole, dipole monopole. placement wont be an issue either...

as the rear center can i just use a c360? in the sense that any bookshelf/floorstand/center can be used as a rear center?

receiver/avr will be a onkyo txsr 701

confused on speakers bookshelf/floorstand towers center its all the same ? with the exception that the higher you go the better the sound? bookshelf>floor stand????
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