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If you own the infinity HPS 1000 or 500 sub can you tell me what you like/hate of it (for Home Theater use)? Do either provide room shaking bass?

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Here is a review I did on the HSP-1000 sub...It was posted sometime back on this site...

For those who know of me, know I like Infinity speakers. I not only have them in just about every room of my home, but also as my speaker of choice in "The Nate" Home Theater (price point vs sound value is great.). So, when I had seen that Infinity came out with a new line of subs, I had to look into them and thus ordered one. The HPS-1000 flagship.

As I waited for my new Infinity HPS-1000 Sub to arrive I wondered if it would be all I have envisioned. After receiving the 100-lbs. sub, I can sum up that in a word...Yes.

I had read all the information I could find and started to ponder if it was what I wanted to do for my next upgrade. You see, the main area I was lacking in my theater was bass quality. Not that the Infinity BU-2's did not do the job. They did perform quite well within reason. But lets face it, they are a great sub for an entry level consumer product. That is what they were made for and they do the job real well. Not to mention that is what I could afford at the time. But I wanted more for "The Nate". I wanted bone jarring bass for the times that I wanted to feel the explosions and thuds. (Even without my bass shakers.) I wanted ultra low effect. Did I achieve it? Read on...

When the sub arrived, all 100 pounds of it, it was in my eyes, Hugh! It is 21 7/8" x 20 7/16" x 23 13/16"(HxWxD). But it is something to behold. Infinity took out all the stops on the looks of this HPS line. It has a laminate on it that is a grayish look, but seems to take on the color of surrounding colors. It is very elegant looking to say the least. Within all it's beauty lurks a monster. With it's 15" down firing 3" duel voice coil active woofer, two 15" passive side firing radiators, and a 1000 watt digital amp., monster it the only way to describe the beast within. But it is a tamable beast at that.

It offers you several input types on the rear of the unit. It also offers controls right on the front of the sub. Phase control, gain, a Music/Video switch that add's a 3db gain at 32 kHz in the Video mode, a Direct switch for the LFE input, and a cross over points.

I went ahead and lugged it down the stairway and into my awaiting theater. I pulled out my current two BU-2's (12" driver with 100 watts) and proceeded to find a location for our new friend. Let me tell you, have someone with you to help move it around the room why you try to located the "right spot". For after I had done this for 30 minutes, I was one tried puppy.

After I had it all hooked up and reset the Lexicon DC-2 to the new cross point, it was time to see what this beast could really do. I started out with a Digital Dolby trailer. Well, umm, after I re-positioned a few of my ceiling tiles that moved out of place, I metered the sound levels and turned down the sub for it was clearly putting out a bit too much bass. (104 db) http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Now with the speakers level set, I moved on to some material. I inserted "The Mask of Zorro" DVD and played the trailer. (Great trailer by the way.). Boy did the room come alive with the new found ultra low sound. The bass was clean and solid. I then went on to movies that I have seen quite a bit. The 5th Element for example sounded wonderful. The lift-off in Apollo 13 was simply stunning.

I moved on to music using some Peter Gabriel and Flim and the BB's. The sound again was very natural. The bass was clean and responsive even for a 15" driver. I would assume it will have even better sound when the 15" passive radiators loosen up a bit.

All in all I am very happy with this new line of subs from Infinity. The HPS series comes in the HPS-250 (12" 250watt), HPS-500 (15" 500watt), and the HPS-1000 (15" 1000watt). Can't wait to see what they dream up next!

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