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I've had these Infinity Kappa 8.2s for several years but finally looking to upgrade. I am the original owner and these speakers are well taken care of. The original price was 4000+ for the pair. These will blow anything in the asking price range clear out of the water.

Some minor info about these speakers: They are one of the last speakers designed by Arnie Nudel at Infinity before starting Genesis and feature some of the same design elements as the early Genesis speakers including the Emit-R ribbon tweeters. As for the price of the Genesis speakers. Let's just say they are in the five to six digit ranges.

These are 4 way speakers and you almost never see these or the other "better" Infinities on the market and when you do, they don't last. Actually, there is a huge demand for even the drivers and if you take the drivers apart, you can probably get around $600-$800 on ebay (Just search infinity kappa 8). There's actually a pair of ridiculously bad condition domes for $150 with 11 bidders.... But once you hear these, you'll never want to change. Unless you go into the high four digit and higher speakers.

Lastly, these are pretty heavy at 80 Pounds each. If size is any indication of quality... I don't know how much they will cost to ship but if it is under $50, it will be included in the purchase price
These make wonderful home theater speakers. The bass is unbelievably tight and the 12 inch Watkins woofer is not something most floor standers these days can match. The only downside: You will need a lot of power to drive these beauties. Anything under 100-150 watts may not do them justice.

P.S. I'll be upgrading to a pair of Salk Sounscapes already being made. Also wonderful speakers!
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