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I got a little carried away early last year in a dive into audio systems, and now that I’m finally getting around to finishing the space, these speakers are unfortunately too big for my smallish basement, and it took me much longer than the return window to realize it. I did a lot of research on here, and these were highly recommended/reviewed for the price point.

Infinity Primus PC351 Center Channel
Very highly reviewed (see links below). Brand new, only opened the box to look at the speaker, then put it back in to the box for future installation. Currently on sale for 199. Selling for $150

Infinity Primus P163 Bookshelf speakers x2
In the same speaker family, I have two of the bookshelf speakers, P163. These are still sealed in the box from crutchfield. Also very highly reviewed. Paid 86 each, selling for $100 for the 2.

Need a whole system? I actually have two of the Primus P153 speakers I was going to use as my surrounds. I’m planning on keeping them to use elsewhere, but if anyone is looking for all you need for a really nice 5.1 system (aside from the sub of course), I’d sell these two with the speakers above as part of a package for $300. These two speakers I think I paid 53 apiece (on sale at crutch for 75 each), and they were open box items from Frys, but never used. The others I bought direct from Crutchfield.

Don't really want to ship them (the center channel is big) so would be local pick up in Seattle, or would listen if there's a decent cheap way to ship.
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