Build a complete, high-performance surround sound speaker system while saving big bucks with this amazing sale on Infinity Reference. The massive discounts range from 66 to 71% off MSRP, which can mean thousands of dollars of savings if you’re putting together a sound system with many channels. Infinity Reference speakers are well known to provide a very high price-performance ratio.

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Infinity Reference R253 tower speakers: $149.99 each (save 62%)

With its stylish, sleek design, this compact floorstanding speaker is ideal for contemporary living spaces in your home and delivers powerful yet precise sound.


This three-way speaker features a Ceramic Metal Matrix Diaphragm (CMMD), which is composed of an aluminum driver sandwiched between ceramic layers to improve sound accuracy. A 5.25-inch flat piston driver provides superior vocal and dialogue intelligibility, while two 5.25-inch ported woofers provide a deep bass response.

The Reference R253 floorstanding speaker has a nominal impedance of 6 ohms and is capable of handling up to 200 Watts of power. The frequency response is rated at 41 Hz to 22 kHz, with a sensitivity of 88 dB.

The optimal combination of these well-designed components will breathe new life into your music and movies. This floor-standing tower's cabinet has an internal bracing system that dampens vibrations and thus reproduces a more natural sound.


Infinity Reference R152 bookshelf speakers: $129.99 per pair (save 63%)

Add this 2-way speaker to any bookshelf in your home. It features a patented surround design and elegant, tapered cabinets that blend in with any contemporary decor.


The bookshelf speakers feature detachable speaker grills. They can function as main speakers in a small system, or as surround sound channel speakers in within your home theatre rig. Additionally, these speakers can be paired with Infinity-powered subwoofers for a full-range audio experience.


Infinity Reference RC252 center channel speaker: $99.99 each (save 71%)

A quality center channel and an unbeatable price is what you get with the RC252 on sale.


This center channel speaker features a 1-inch CMMD high-frequency driver and two 5.25-inch CMMD woofers. Together, they deliver high-frequency detail, great vocal and dialogue intelligibility, and robust midrange plus bass.


Infinity Reference RS152 surround sound speakers: $129.99 per pair (save 71%)

These wall-mounted surround speakers offer wide dispersion, so everyone in the audience will hear the multichannel splendor of your surround-sound system.



Infinity Reference SUB R12 subwoofer: $169.99 each (save 66%)

Whatever system you build from the Infinity Reference Series options, you'll want it to have a strong foundation in bass. This 300 W (600 peak) model features a ported design and a 12-inch driver with a frequency response of 29 Hz to 150 Hz.


The SUB R12 is ported and powered by a 300-watt amplifier and features a 12-inch fiber-composite driver. It offers an excellent balance of high performance and low power consumption.

This Infinity sub relies on a sturdy cabinet construction and internal bracing to provide the necessary reinforcement for that tight, punchy, and heavy bass. You also won't have to worry about crossover issues, as you can adjust the frequency for more seamless integration and efficient reproduction of your audio experience.