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My uncle enlisted me to find him a new set of 7.1 speakers for his medium-sized family room. I was told that price was not an issue. After some basic research on the best speakers at Infinity, Polk, Klipsch, Paradigm, and Kef, I talked with him again and realized that price was an issue. Well, actually, size was the real issue. So, I started looking at what the above companies had to offer in a small package. I have narrowed it down to:

Infinity TSS-4000

(6 sat4000, 1 center4000, 1 sub4000)


Polk RM7300

(6 RM7300, 1 RM7302, 1 PSW505)

Either setup is somewhere around 5 grand or so, but that's seriously a non-issue this time.

Their receiver is the Pioneer VSX-56TXi with 110 watts x 7. Both the Polk and Infinity speakers seem to fit this amount of power acceptably. I realize that a separate amp would be wise to get the most out of either set, but I convinced my uncle that it wouldn't be necessary, at least initially. The physical dimensions of either set are very close and I believe either would work in their room.

I'm smart enough to interpret most of the specs listed at the manufacturer's websites, but what I'm looking for is someone with actual experience. IMO, either set will play loud and clear, with great accuracy. My biggest concern is:

Which set of small speakers will have the biggest (fullest) sound?

I noticed that the midrange drivers in the 2-way Polk's are dual 4 1/2", whereas the 3-way Infinity's have dual 3 1/2" mids and quad 3 1/2" lows.

The lowest frequency response takes after the driver size: 90hz for the Polk's and 120hz for the Infinity's. I'm sure the sub picks up the slack, but I think that's kinda tacky.

I realize that any sub/sat system is going to have a problem generating low frequencies from the satellites and center, but I want this upgrade to be as noticeable as possible from my uncle's current set of old JBL's (looks like dual 3" and one 1", with some sort of bass-reflex design).

So, when connected to the Pioneer, which set of speakers do YOU think will have bigger, better, fuller sound?

P.S. If you plan on introducing a different set to compete w/ the two discussed above, please note that the tall, thin, wall-mount design of the satellites is required for this room (large (wide) speakers won't fit). Also, I'm not extremely concerned about the sub. I consider subs in a sub/sat system to be a practical but imperfect method of providing a medium-sized room with full-range surround sound. I'm interested in a set that puts out as full a range as possible AT EACH SPEAKER. Granted, a sub is perfect for the lowest of frequencies (it would be way overkill to have seven 12" subs in a medium-sized room!).
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