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I'll try and be precise, If I'm not, i'm so sorry

I'm waiting on my HD DVR Box set up on febuary 8th..

Now I Love My Infinity TSS 750 speakers ALONG With My Denon 1804 reciever..

I Have a Samsung 40" LCD 4051 I bought last wednesday.. and just an old sony dvd I'll upgrade later..

So I ask. Any tips on How to Rewire Back My SOUND set up, come time?? Speakers have ALWAYS been a pain in the ass as they Each need to be hooked up seperately - Is there and easier way???? My Bro inlaw did a nice lay out job, but All those wires, is there a better way?? instead of the old speaker wire??

NowI'm disabled and can't tell you by looking behind the set up, but I DO have some monster wires for the DVD and Stereo, I believe there are 3-4 of them...

So any tips on what to use and how to possibly make it easier, Would be Greatly appreciated!!!! If you need me to be more precise?? just tell me how..

BTW - Tv, reciever, DVD box, DVD ARE All EXTREMELY Cose to each other as they are in a armoir IE TV in one, the components Part in the other, side by side..

ST And Thank You for any help..
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