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Hey everybody, I need a little bit of help. I'm kind of a speaker noob, in that I don't know a lot about them (some tech. details, I'm learning), except what I like to hear from them.

I've decided to upgrade my surround system from the Onkyo HTIB 8230(used to be the 570, I think?) speakers to something else. I plan on using the reciever from the HTIB, as I like it for now. It's roughly the TX-SR302 . I was originally looking at the following:

$415 (from CC locally)

Mains: Infinity Primus 250s

Center: Infinity Primus C25

Surrounds: Inifinty Primus 150s


I went to Circuit City yesterday and demo'd the Primus setup, like the way it sounded. The sales guy, who seemed quite knowledgable btw, pushed hard on a Polk setup consisting of:

$510 (from CC locally) $780 w/sub

Mains: Polk Monitor 50s

Center: Polk CS1

Surrounds: Polk M10s

Sub: some Velodyne, think it's the VRP-1000

Has anybody listened to both systems? How does the Polk setup stack up to the Infinitys? I wasn't able to demo the Polks, because the demoing kiosk thingy was broken. Like I said before the salesguy seemed fairly knowledgable, moreso then most, so I trust him more then the average sales drone, when he says they sound good. When I'm a little more serious about buying (I'm only in the research stage right now), I might make a larger effort to get the Polks demo'ed.

Now, I'm also open to suggestions, but I have a few constraints: My budget is $600 for the 5.1 setup (speakers only, no sub), and they must be thin towers for the fronts, and bookshelf style for the rear, and they must be available locally to me (Eastern WV panhandle/MD/VA area). I'm willing to wait for the sub to get shipped, but not my mains :p

Thanks for any and all comments and help!

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