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Infocus 4805 - Best time to buy? Save $?

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Hey guys,

After 2 weeks of an addiction to this Forum and PJ's, I have decided to get the 4805. :)

Now I have a few questions on when is a good time to buy the PJ to save the most $.

With the new models debuting this Spring, will the 4805 drop in price?

Would it be worth waiting until then to buy this unit?

Are there post Christmas sales that may happen?


I am not opposed to the refurbished model at all...

I know we can't post prices, so I won't go there, but is it safe to assume that a refurb is a safe route to go as well? :)

Will the refurbs fall in price with the new models debuting?

Thanks in advance from the noob. :D

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Please ask this in the official forum.

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