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I had the chance to demo a Benq W5000 next to my 7205.

Here are my parameters: 110" Vutec HDIII (1.0 gain)

I sit back 15' from screen. All testing was done with Blu-Ray movies.

Fed 1080/24 to Benq, 720P to Infocus (through Reon in my Onkyo Pre-Pro)

I did little adjustments to each. I am by no means a videophile.

First of all, the Benq is much much larger and much much quieter.

The zoom is very limited and placement is only within a couple of feet, but it fits my current placement of the 7205.

The Benq is very bright, just a touch brighter than the 7205 with the Brilliant Color on, about even with off (7205 has new bulb with about 200 hours)

On some movies, like Cars, my wife and I couldn't tell much difference.

On National Treasure 2, the blacks were better and the Benq was slightly sharper especially on face close-ups (actors beware).

The picture had more pop because of greater contrast with the Benq.

Overall, technology has improved, however not enough for me to keep the Benq.

If you sit close, the 1080P projectors would be much more watchable. I could see screen door on the Infocus way before the Benq, but not at my current seating distance.

I wouldn't discourage anyone from getting the Benq. It definetly was better but not enough to justify the upgrade. I may wait and try the new Infocus X10 or save for the JVC.

Just thought some may benefit from this. And thanks to Projector People for their 4 hour test.

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The 7205 was a very good projector when it came out. DaGamePimp has a thread about older DLPs and how they can certainly hold their own against any newer 720p projector. It's probably also the case that they are comparable to some 1080p projectors, as long as you're far enough away when you won't see individual pixels.

Now if I had a choice between the 7205 and a W500, I'd definitely pick the BenQ. But if I owned the Infocus, I'd certainly be happy and content. Of course, I'm presently happy with my Optoma 480p DV10, so virtually any 720p DLP would probably make me happy.

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