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infocus 7210 or Mits 1500

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ok like many here I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a new pj. I currently own a Infocus 4805 and have really been happy with it. With 2200 hours on the lamp I know I will need to do something in the next 6 months. I have not seen the picture on the mits but i have on the 7210. Price wise they are very close but I was wondering if anyone has had a side by side experience with the two. The mits has gotten some nice reviews but so has the infocus.

Looking forward to some feedback on this
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I have never seen the 7210, but it has higher quality components such as the DC3 chip, DCDi deinterlacer and scaler, and high quality optics. It's original price was somewhere between 3k and 5k. I have the Hc1500 (Hd1000u actually) and it is a good projector, but it does have its downfalls such as SD material is average and blacks aren't all that black. I actually get headaches watching the Mitsubishi sometimes. I don't know if it's the color wheel or not. I can't comment if the 7210 has a better color wheel or not. I think most video purists will say that the 7210 is a better machine than the Mits.

I am actually considering switching to the 7210 since the price seems to be very good on it right now.
Thanks for the replies. I found some other threads on the 7210 and its interesting when it comes to the noise issues. Some say it's quite and others loud. The reviews I found on the web all pointed to it being quite. If it is as noisy as my 4805 then I can live with that especially if the pq is that much better then anything else for the price. Would love to see some screen shots of both side by side though.
I believe the consensus is that the loudest 7210 is quieter than the 4805. And yes, it is interesting, but appears to be true that some 7210 are quieter than others. I believe some speculation here recently has pointed to some have a ball-bearing and some a sleeve bearing (quieter). I am not sure this has been confirmed or how to tell (serial number?) which ones do or not. All I can say it that from what I see of the 7210, it would be really hard to find a better PQ for under $1800 (assuming the 12k MII, 8720, VP4001, xz-3000 and dt-500 are not in the picture).
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