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Infocus ht recommendation

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I am VERY new to the ht hobby and want to purchase a pj. A friend of mine can get me the Infocus line (although not the Screenplay series - and that would be too expensive for me anyway) at 'dealers cost'. Are any of these projectors (which I guess are classified as 'business' projectors, and not home theater projectors) suitable for home theater? My friend offered to tweak the pj using Colorfacts if that will make a significant difference.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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I will answer since I know a lot about the Infocus machines.

Infocus' business machines tend to have very good video processing.

The fairly new LP 650 is a very good machine. It has Faroudja video processing and is very bright. You will have to turn off the "white" segment and adjust it, but you should get a good picture.

The brand new X1 is a very inexpensive machine (probably not much markup) that looks very interesting. It should be out in a few weeks, "due any day." Few people have seen it (I have not) but it is generating a lot of interest as a crossover machine. Retails at 1699, I have seen it advertised at 1499.

A few notes:

1. Be sure that you are not suspectible to "rainbows" on DLP. The 650 and X1 are 2X machines so they may produce rainbows for some people.

2. Be sure that your "dealers cost" is acceptable. Take a look at ebay to see what such a machine is selling for. (There are a lot of dealers on Ebay.) Also look at projectorcentral.com to see what prices look like.

3. Take a look at other machines and see what you like. Today, I might consider an NEC 240, 260 or 1000 instead of the Infocus 650. I am certain that the 1000 is better than the Infocus 650, I think that the NEC 240 and 260 are probably better. But I have not A-B'ed these machines so it is just a guess based on what I have been able to observe.

4. If I were buying a machine today in the under-5000 price range, I would buy the NEC HT1000 from AVS.

5. Tweaking will make a big difference on many machines including the Infocus 650.
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