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Hi everyone.

So my problem is that my projector wont turn on. It was running fine until one day i went to turn it on (from standby) and nothing happened. (orange standby light stayed orange).
So i unplugged it and then plugged it back in.....and no power at all. So i figured it was the power supply. and ordered one. (power supply and lamp ballast apparently the same unit on this device). Anyways, got the new power supply, installed it and plugged it in. standby light turned on. wouldnt turn on. exact same thing happened. so i assume something is blowing the fuse on the power supply. im going to order a fuse and see if i get at least a standby light after i replace that. but if thats the case i need to find out why its blowing.....if anyone has any ideas or experience with anything like this please chime in.

thanks for the help.
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