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at $600.00 , please tell me why I don't want this?

My requirements:

1) must play nice with my new purchase: Favi 100" 16:9 1.3 gain electric screen

2) LOTS of Light in room during day: 3 sides of the room are windows (with drapes, but still... VERY bright)

3) Ceiling mounted PJ

4) Farthest seating is about 15ft back from screen (main seating)... front row is at 11ft (mind you, im guessing as they are couches and I can always move them) back seating will be up on a riser if plan comes together.

5) Projector needs to be somewhat future prove.. ie. 3D (HDMI 1.4) for plug and play with 3D Blu-Ray player.

6) Has to be cheap! I am poor. I am a quasi-DIY. I am frugal. I am miserly. Hence why Im a DIY'er. Saving even $200 means I get to upgrade some other area of one of my other hobbies. I can, and and often do, play the game of... "for only a few bucks more, I could get...", which of course makes me happy, but even more poor.

of course I want 1080P, but the price point pushes it just outside my comfortability zone... honestly, at $1000+, Ill just buy a plasma or LCD television. (Yep, you just heard that... I do not own a flatscreen tv... don't laugh)


90% of time will be watching movies at night (outside light not being much of a factor). Some console gaming (not much unless I upgrade to a wii, which is very possible), watching some 3D movies without having to buy an inbetween device (ie 3d-xl) I want plug-n-play. Will need to be able to see in LOTS of light come football season :)

There are quite a few 720p models that have my attention: the optoma gt750, for example, is solid, but a couple hundred more than the IN126.

HDMI 1.4 for plug-n-play with 3D blu-ray player is almost a must at this point. Will I ever watch 3D? Probably only once, but I want to try to future proof as best as I can within my budget. That said, I am just now learning about different types of glasses... anyone have any good links on that topic, please share, as I haven't even started to look into that aspect of this endevour.

I know there are a lot of tradeoffs with this unit...

No lens shift (not a problem for my situation as I will be ceiling mounting)

SLOW 2x 6-segment wheel (I dont suffer from rainbow, but I do suffer from screendoor)

only one hdmi 1.4 input

Black levels? It is a business projector after all so I don't expect the world here, but ... I can't find a single review on this unit.. please link me any reviews you know of.

One concern... will this unit be TOO bright in a completely dark room splashed onto a 1.3gain screen? ie watching a movie at night? What effects would I experience? hot spotting? the need to put on sunglasses (and sunscreen)? If I put it in ECO mode, it drops to 2500 lumens. Would the high lumens help in the 3D aspect? Once again, Im a total newb to 3D. I have yet to look into types of glasses, Methods of 3D, etc.

With all this said, I am not pulling the trigger without a lot more research (although, I am about to go cross-eyed if I keep copy/pasting every freaking model number I see on the internet, only to find that it is not something that fits my situation...


I have a 100" 1.3gain screen

I have LOTS of light in the room, but that will only come into play for sports on tv (and even then, not terribily often)

I am ceiling mounting the PJ, so lens shift is not a problem(?)

I do not need (want yes) network control, as I will be automating all process via IR (Girder as the back end software), though I wish the screen had a 12v trigger :-(

3D plug and Play with a yet to be purchased 3D Blu-Ray player ( please throw me a direction to start researching)

I know I am missing a lot of key elements in my post, but I have only started to look into projectors (last time i did that was in 03 when flat screen tvs were a rich man's toy and x10 was the main player in Home Automation). Hell, Im still rocking the old school Infocus X1!

Thanks for any advice, as I am beat down with reading spec after spec after spec of random model numbers....
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