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Infocus SP5000 source input image problem

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I have been having problems with getting this projector working properly.I send a signal using component cables and the colors are correct for my cable tv input,but all other souces like Wii and DVD player are green in color.I have connected the dvd player directly with known good cables.I am at my wits end.I know it's something going on with the projector because I have a TV upstairs that is also fed from the receiver and image is fine on all sources.Any help from experts would be greatly appreciated!!
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Is this problem limited to component video. Have you tried the "VESA", S-video and composite video inputs as well, which are all analog inputs. Lastly, does the DVI input work correctly?
I had the same problem with this projector as well. It turned out that the screen would be green whenever I sent a resolution over 720p. Try scaling back the resolution on your components from 1080 to 720 and the colors will be correct.
The source info reads 480i for the Wii.The cable tv is 720p and looks fine.I tried the s-video and the Wii image is black and white.I don't have a DVI cable.Any more help? Anyone?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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