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Alright guys. It seems like the Infocus 7210 is the PJ that will suit my needs. I wish I had gotten in on that woot deal, but the current price still seems like a reasonable deal. I would hold out for a price drop but it seems like this is one of the last PJs in the upper list of Jason's post that is still available new with the 1 year warranty.

I wanted to stop the threadjack of Jason's nice thread so I have opened this one to hopefully get all the info I need and take care of some worries. You guys in this "Under $3000" forum seem really well informed so hopefully you will know about these concerns:

1) The SP7210 is an older PJ. I was able to find a new replacement bulb for this unit. How long do you think that will be true? If Infocus stops making the 7210 how long before bulbs will be unavailable?

2) I saw somewhere that someone mentioned that one can expect to get ~2000 hours out of a bulb. Is this typical? I assume it varies based on picture settings? Anyone have specific reports of the number of hours on their SP7210 when they had to change their bulb?

3) What is the best adapter to get to use that M1 port?

I will try to think of other questions. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
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