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Infocus X1 dust problem, not on lens

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I just moved to my new place, and i had to take my infocus of its mount (its been there 2 years). I cleaned the dust filters beside the lamp often, to be sure they werent clogged with cat hair and stuff.

Now i just mounted it back on the ceiling. The thing is, now there seems to be some kind of "stain" outside of the image while projecting in 16:9, and when i take my projector close to a wall, i can see dozens of white dots on the projection (see picture).

Now i used a compressed air can to try and remove the dust but it doesnt do any good. Is there something i can do except take it to the service center (and pay a hell of a lot more that i accept to pay for a 4 years old projector)?

i didnt open the projector box, or anything like that yet.

Thanks for any help you can give, this is about the only place i can find that i could find any answer.
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I'm not sure as I've never seen them in person but they might be dust blobs. Dust blobs are dust on the DMD chip (where the image comes from). They are sometimes the result of using compressed air on a PJ. The X1 is not sealed optics. But even on sealed optics models dust blobs can occur.

You might do a search here (+Dust +Blobs +X1) and see what others have done to fix it. I think some people have DIYed the fix.

Good luck.
Wow, amazing information, i guess i searched with the wrong keywords.

Thanks a lot for your help, im going to try this!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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