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Infocus X1 Extended Warranty and Bulb Life Questions

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Last night my wife and I were watching TV and jumped out of seats in the couch when my Infocus X1's bulb died. There was a very loud "pop" that sounded like a gunshot.

My use/maintenance/observations:

Bulb lasted a little more than 2000 hours. The projector is 2 years old.

I am not sure of the projector firmware.

Average use: 3-4 continuous use per day, turned on 2-3 times per day (i.e. 1.5 hours at 5PM, then 2 hours at 8PM, off from 6:30-8:00PM)

Power-down method: remote power-down during weekdays, manual power switch while away from home

Before the bulb failed, there were a few occurences in the last week in which the bulb took longer than normal to light and sometimes failed to strike on

I cleaned the filter every 6 months, and there was not much dust found each time

There seems to be a lot of fine dust particles on the lens of the projector. I have not cleaned this because I am afraid of damaging the lens.

I plan on removing the projector from the ceiling and ordering a replacement bulb but I have a few questions:

1. The bulb had just over 2000 hours on it. I have read in the X1 Faq that the expected bulb life is 3000 - 4000 hours. Why could the bulb have died so early?

2. Does a dusty lens reduce bulb life?

3. I read that a "power-on strike" is equivalent to 0.1% of the bulb life, is this correct?

4. My google results have brought up the SPLAMP-009 as the cheapest replacement lens. What things should a consumer beware of when ordering a bulb, and what companies provide an extended warranty?

After doing some research, it seems that I should have purchased the unit from Circuit City. They offer an extended warranty plan for $150 that covers up to 4 bulb replacements over 4 years.

Please let me know if posting pictures of the projector, bulb, or mount if it would help answer any questions.
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1. sht happens people have had bulbs fail way sooner than 2000 hrs, and some much later you just never know.

2. probably not

3. no one knows that for sure, 2-3 times a day id say is normal use

4. well several places may offer whatever, getting it out of them is ALWAYS a whole other matter

Basically this just happens once in awhile. Nothing to be done about it, mine lasted 4500 hrs before i replaced it. You just never know. Sounds like you cleaned it, took care of it etc etc. Just bad luck of the draw. Cleaning the lens is no big thing. Heck search for thread about cleaning color wheel and insides. You wont believe the difference it makes.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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