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Infocus X1 is now shipping

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Just checked their website and it is shipping from Infocus:

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Is it 1000 or 1100 lumens? The website says both. (1100 on the products listing page, 1000 on the X1 specific page)
Just called Infocus and they said its going to be 1 - 2 more weeks before the X1 ships.

A quick spot check of dealers also confirms this time frame.

The (very perky) CSR had no explaination for the incorrect information on the web site.

Damn, I really wanted mine for thanksgiving!

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I think the screen play 110 will beat the X1 hands down. The X1 is the scale down version of the 110. The Infocus 7200 is the big brother of the 110. The pics quality of the 7200 is amazing.... I just demoed one last week.


Keep in mind the X1 has a bulb / lamp life of 3000 hours. Which makes the price tag even NICER :)

At 3 hours a day that's about 3 years. Not bad, and better than the other models mentioned above.
Mario - there is a huge difference between the Screenplay 110 and the X1.

The X1 uses the newer 12 degree mirror chip and has far superior contrast to the Screenplay 110, which uses the older 10 degree chip.

The X1 will probably have better image quality than the 110 because of its much higher contrast. The X1 is a much newer product.
Lets keep this thread on topic....
Staying on topic is fine but I can't watch blatant mis-information (or misinformed information, which is more like it) being spread by someone who apparently has no idea what he is talking about.
Um, debate is fine, but let's all try to avoid making observations on the perceived knowledge level of fellow AVS members, K? And boatman is right... let's stick to the topic of this thread. Thanks.
Yes you guys might be right with the fact that X1 is using the tilt 12 degree mirror. BUT from what I know, from the distributor that is my friend X1 belongs to the DATA group not watching movies.

It's up to you what do you want to get.



Just to let you know that I will not say things without auditioning first. I HAVE SEEN THE X1, LS100 and 7200 with my own eyes projected to the Stewart Grayhawk 85" 4:3 screen.

Even though X1 is new, it is cheap. There must be something taken out from the PJ to make it cheaper.

Also know that most infocus PJs are NOT MADE IN USA.

I guarantee you that 110 and 7200 are MADE IN USA.


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What has all this has to do with the X1 shipping??????

Most of are aware that this is a cross over projector as has been stated by Bob the engineer from infocus. So it goes in fact that ,yes, there will be performance limitations based on its dual purpose but why should there such a large gap between business projectors and theatre projectors that the gap couldn't be reduced. This I believe is what InFocus is trying to do with this little character. They're research has indicated that there are a large number of business owners,executives, sales people etc that use a projector and would lean toward purchasing a projector that has some after hours utility as well. Yeah it may not be a 110 or hs10 quality projector but I think it will allow me to still do computer training and have a nice contrast movie projector to watch Monsters, Inc. supersized with my kids.
you've SEEN the X1 in action? That's more than anyone else on this forum besides Bob Williams the engineer can claim.

Just curious - where did you see a shoot-out of the X1, LS110 and 7200?

This X1 is a projector that hasn't even shipped yet.
the ls110 as a reference ? euh....

the X1 : rainbows rendez vous ? what's the weel details again ?

the 7200: now, that's a whole different story it seems.
Hi Boatman,

I am sorry if I have gone off topic from this forum, but I just hate being attack by these clowns.



I have my Barco cine 8 for my reference. GET IT!!!!!!

May be you guys don't believe that I have seen the prototype that is now going touring around in Asia... But please don't be so sacarstic in your words.

Please we should only discuss about X1 being shipping.... as boatman is getting angry....
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The X1 that I ordered from their website shipped out Nov. 21. Tracking says it's in Oregon now, and a scheduled delivery date of December 2.
OK, I guess we can't stay on topic. Closed.
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