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InFocus X3 - no startup screen

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I just got an InFocus X3 from ebay to use at a school club I'm an advisor for (and on which I can't spend a ton of money. I knew this was a gamble, but...) The power comes on, the green LED blinks and then goes solid, but the unit doesn't show the startup screen. The previous owner also provided a separate bulb that he said was new, and looks it. I changed the bulb, but the problem persisted. The bulb power cable has a solid contact, so that isn't it.

Any ideas?

And is there any source of a repair manual for this critter?

Thanks and Cheers, greyatnight
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Welcome to AVS!

Unfortunately it sounds like the projector is defective. If you fire up the PJ and cannot get an image you probably have an internal issue requiring repair.
and the quick response!

Cheers, Al
As far as a service manual, it would be of little use to you. The deepest it goes is board replacement. There is no component-level repair information and everything critical is SMD.

And add to that, Infocus discontinued parts for the X series.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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