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From Zeiss Germany web site:

New generation of Optical Modules and Engines for Projection Televisions enables $ 999 DLP-TV :)

Customer benefits:

The use of the new Optical Modules increases image quality and significantly reduces costs.

The modules are based on new 45" 720p (HD5) and 65" 1080p (xHD5) DMD panels and support a lower TV bill of materials, which in turn enables entry level DLP-TV at $999 price point.

The cost advantages are achieved by:

1. Reduction of the DMD chip active area.

2. Furthermore, TI and ZEISS have worked together in recent years to change the illumination of the DMD. These new chips mark the introduction of "bottom illumination" (55" 720p und 85" 1080p need "side illumination").

This provides lower total system costs.

3. With the patented Field LensTM technology Zeiss Optical Modules have the lowest number of components. This also delivers cost advantages over other solutions.

Zeiss Field LensTM technology provides approximately 25% more brightness over TIR based designs. This makes it possible to utilize low wattage lamps with lower cost and a longer life. A new, electronic chipset beside the new imagers provides higher contrast, sharper images and better colors.

Key specs:

The new products, 45" 720p (HD 5) and 65" 1080p (xHD 5) are intended for use in HDTV projection TVs with 40" to 61" (45" 720p) and 50" to 72" (65" 1080p) screens.

Optical Engines:

In order to address various customer needs, Carl Zeiss is now offering its optical systems both as Optical Module and as Optical Engine.

Zeiss has already received several design wins with A-brand TV companies for both 720p and 1080p solution.

Market launch:

720p(HD5) OM October 2005,

720p (HD5) OE around January 2006

1080p (xHD5) OM January 2006,

1080p (xHD5) OE around March 2006

Technical details: 720p (HD5)

screen size: 40" - 61",

resolution: 1280 x 720 pixel,

contrast: 2000:1,

screen brightness: 550 nits (@50" screen, gain 4.2).

Technical details: 1080p (xHD5)

screen size: 50" - 72",

resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixel,

contrast: 8000:1 (with special DynamicBlackTM technology),

screen brightness: 500 Nits (@61", gain 4.2).
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