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A company out of Toronto named harmony is beta testing a new remote that they claim is priced less expensive than the pronto and has more functionality.

Has anyone looked at the Harmony web site--->

The product is interesting. I wonder if it would be suitable to control everything including the HTPC. They claim they are looking for beta testers. Maybe someone here is already on the list.

Any infor appreciated.

I have not bought a pronto yet.

Warren Feldstein:)

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Thanks for posting this Warren,

It does look interesting, I have always liked the flexibility of the pronto, but was concerned about the touchscreen. This new remote looks to have the best of both worlds in having real buttons, a display screen and the PC configuration element. At fist looks it doesn't look to be quite as flexible as the pronto, but it may be enough for HTPC needs.

I would like to see the web configuration software, but it looks like you need to be a beta customer to use it. I would want to configure my own devices with a suitable graphic. I can see the obvious ones like TV, VCR and DVD, but are custom ones available.

I think this product is one to watch :)

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I don't feel interested by this device. The Pronto lets you do everything you can using the big touchscreen. On the opposite, the good old Marantz Rc2000 has a limited screen but with a lot of buttons. Rather than the best of both world, I'd rather say it has more flaws than advtanges ; very small screen (so probably you can' t customize much) and only a couple buttons. How do I change subtitles with this ??

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I sent an email asking some questions. Here is the response I received.

"Hello Warren.

Thank you for your interest in the Harmony Remote.

As a general answer to your questions, the Harmony is completely

customizable and configurable to do things that even we may not have

thought about yet. This is because the Harmony is essentially a small,

inexpensive computer with infrared input and output, and USB

customization through your web browser. The HarmonyRemote.com web site

has wizards that ask customers questions related to control of their

home entertainment system, and then the wizards generate a XML

configuration that is downloaded to the Harmony.

If you are an advanced user, however, you can write your own XML to

access all aspects of the Harmony, and then you can share these

"add-ins" with other users. If an add-in is very popular, we can even

integrate its generation and customization into the web site GUI for

general use.

So the high level answer is "yes", the Harmony can probably do all that

you mention below, although we would look to users such as yourself to

create the add-ins to share with others.

Regarding the control of a PC, if a "normal" infrared remote can control

it, then the Harmony should be able to as well. The Harmony's LCD can

have appropriate menus, the arrow keys can be used to move a cursor on

the PC, etc.

I hope this starts to answer your questions. Please feel free to

request more details."

Thank you.

The Harmony Remote Team.

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"Dear Harmony

The philips pronto can be loaded with custom codes to control a PC.

A PC has certain unique attributes as you normally control it with a

mouse.I think that this is done in conjunction with programs such as

girder and irman.

It is also my understanding that the Pronto has user groups that have

developed custom programs to handle all sorts of interesting and unusual


Does your product have such functionality? Or, is it limited to the

functionality of the tradition supplied remotes?

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