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Hi! I've started reading this section of the forum and found it a great resource. I'm in the very early planning stages of putting some sort of theatre/family room in my unfinished basement and was looking for some advise.

I've attached a quick outline sketch of the portion of the basement available to put in this theatre/family room.

Some other points are:

- Most of the framing is done

- Electrical rough in is half done

- CAT6/CAT5e/RG6 for whole house runs to under the stairs as seen in attachment

- Foundation is a 4ft kneewall

- There is a dotted outline for an optional 2nd bedroom if that might fit in but was only an idea

I'm hoping some people on this forum would offer some initial suggestions on TV or Projector/screen location? What part of the basement would suit best and why? I also have a concern with all of the windows and wonder what I could do (ex. blackout blinds)? Any other insights or direction welcomed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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