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Inline Scalers with DVI

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Has anyone heard of these scalers? They are advertising them in SGHT for about $5500. They are said to come with DVI.

Speaking of DVI, what is the preferred connection to a projector that has a DVI input? What is the preferred connection to a scaler that has DVI output?

Is it D15 or could a 5BNC be considered for connecting these two pieces of DVI capable equipment?
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We did hear about Inline's new equipment prior to Cedia.

However, we have heard very little (I don't even remember a single line written about them) from anyone who actually visited Cedia.

Either they haven't made a large enough impact, or they simply managed to be missed by our usual panel of experts...

In any case, there are no reports regarding what they are using as a deinterlacing or scaling engine.

If anyone cares to enlighten us - please do.
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I was going to get one to review but, after a very lengthy and honest conversation with a head engineer for Inline, he said that the deinterlacing would not be up to par when compared to a Faroudja NR and said he would rather not have a negative review posted. He did still give me the option to review one but, was honest enough to let me know the truth so I passed.
The price seems a bit steep for something that does not come up to the standards of units in that price range.

That's a bit dissapointing, I have to say. Why release something they know is not as good as their competition. Why not go the extra mile and make it as good as possible. Or, on the other hand, lower the price so that it's still an attractive buy.

In any case, leaving it with no reviews is not so great. Someone could make the mistake of getting this unit, without even a minimal review.

Some of the higher end units are not "officially" reviewed (e.g., Runco, Extron, Terranex). Someone might think that inline was in the same catagory :(

I was hoping they would come out with an inexpensive mid-range scaler. I guess it was wishful thinking.
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Remember that different manufacturers make products for different needs.

Faroudja makes great products (as an example) but they might be missing features that are needed in a Commercial installation.

And while the Inline product may not have the "quality" required for the discriminating home theatre, it probably has allot of features that are needed in a Pro install that are not required in a home.
The only feature I think Faroudja is missing is SDI input - and I can understand why they don't put it in...

What else do you think it's missing (except for a lower price on non-NRS units :) )?
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