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Hello, and thanks in advance for your time!

I currently have a wall mounted Samsung UN60D7000 TV, Onkyo HT-R560 AVR, Samsung BRD player (can't recall model), DTV HR24 hd dvr, and a Roku 3.

This is my issue:

The BRD and DVR are HDMI video out to TV and optical digital audio to AVR.

The Roku 3 is HDMI video/audio directly to TV.

The AVR is not connected to the TV in any way.

I would like to have all sound through the AVR, but I read that it's a pass through model which won't allow (correct term?) audio over HDMI.

Is there any way to work around this, or would it be a matter of getting a different receiver that could meet my needs?

If so, what would I look for in the new receiver to make sure it will allow me to play audio from all of my components?
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