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Inside Disney's Dream Home: Microsoft Surface, Magic Mirror, RFID, Story Time Room
About three-fourths of the technology in the Dream Home at Disneyland is "real," but guests can also enjoy some futuristic goodies.

About three-fourths of the technology in the Innoventions Dream Home at Disneyland is "real" and available today - the HP TouchSmart touchscreen PCs and MediaSmart TVs; Lifeware automation software, servers and LifePoint touchscreens from Exceptional Innovation; and Windows Vista Media Center technology are all on the market.

The primary aim of Disney and its partners was to create an interactive environment where consumers can experience technology available today.

But you have to keep it interesting.

"Were' showing them [guests] some things that are really far out, and some things that are just far out to them," says Eric Hollreiser, director of consumer strategy and communications at Microsoft.

'Story Time' Scene

The Story Time scene is activated by the in-room LifePoint touchscreen.

Playing with Surface

You can find several Microsoft Surface tables in the Dream Home, and guests can fiddle with photos that float across the screen.

Microsoft's Jonathan Cluts says the technology is only used in commercial applications right now but the future is bright for Surface in the home.

We knew the first ones would be larger than would be used in homes, he says. In the future, we do see it used in homes, like for games.

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