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Inside Papa Roach's Home Theater

By Robert Archer
Features 73-inch HDTV, Apple TV, HD DVR, B&W speakers and more.

Jerry Horton is a self-described A/V geek. He also just happens to be a guitar player and songwriter for the popular rock band Papa Roach.

Horton spends his off time with his family, friends and his home theater, which provides him a multi-faceted entertainment outlet.

Horton built his first home theater shortly after the band's 2000 breakthrough release "Infest." "My first home theater setup didn't take long at all to choose," he recalls. "I went to my local electronics store and picked out the best Polk Audio speakers and the best Sony ES receiver they had and installed it myself in a couple of days. Since then it has been a constant project."

Horton's system includes a 73-inch Mitsubishi television, an HD DVR, an Apple TV and audio components from Rotel and Bowers & Wilkins (B&W).

"When I got enough money to really get a decent system I started with the brands I was familiar with, Sony and Polk Audio. This gave me a huge upgrade from what I had before," Horton says. "As I became more obsessed and did more research, I was attracted to B&W for the aesthetic quality of its speakers. When I was able to hear them I knew I wanted them for sure. I upgraded to the 600 Series [B&W] and was extremely happy.

Some of the things that he has done to accommodate his family's wishes include having his rear-surround in-ceiling speakers installed by an electronics professional, but he adds that he's done most of the setting up himself.

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