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insignia NS-32LCD

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anyone know the responce time of the tv?
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8ms. Don't buy it.
i already have it aqnd isent that normal?
8 ms is normal for most inexpensive sets from the last couple years. Some of the new sets this year are 4 ms.
ohh ok

well do you know if that tv is 8ms?
8 MS, I bought the TV set from BB and its great, no ghosting, looks beautiful
thanks i love it too

how much you get yours for?
I got it at Best Buy for 599.99 It was on sale from 699.99. I did some research before I bought it. Since I worked for BB I still have some good friends in management and returns, and I got a look at the returns on screens.

The 32' Westinghouse was by far the worst, 4 out of 10 returned, and the Insignia has a 1 out of 10 on that list and reasons were for DOA and just replaced, the WH were shutting down and just not working after 15-20 days.

I know Insignia is not nearly a great TV but besides black not looking great, its expected on a LCD like this. I love it and good price.
i only have one gripe and thats that the front light that tells if the tv is on or not burnet out

only red shows and blue dosent
It is currently on sale for $549.

Have any of you used it for a computer monitor? What is overscan like, etc. I might consider picking one up for that purpose if it is pretty decent.
its nice

i dont know about the comp because i havent used i tfor one and no overscan
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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