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I had a Toshiba (of a model I forget) 32" LCD HDTV, nice picture overall I was happy with it. Then some part of the display started going out and I developed a dark "blotch" in the top right corner. One thing leads to another and I end up having to get a replacement TV. This is when I ended up "upgrading" into this Insignia NS-LCD37 television. The display model they had in the store was pretty good, at least same picture quality compared to my Toshiba. So I got it, took it home.. and was shocked into disappointment.

The picture quality on this thing, while nice, is absolutely screwed by this snowing effect that rolls in the background. You notice it on darker colors, and definitely notice it on any blacks or dark greys that get displayed. Even from 10' to 12' away from it, while sitting on my couch, this "snow effect" is VERY obvious and it is absolutely ruining this TV for me.

Is this a technical defect on this make & model over all? Is it something with this specific UNIT that is bad? I have tried turning on all the Noise Reduction features that it has.. (and it has 3) but none of them make a difference on this "snow effect" of which I speak.

Can someone please give me some advice? Is this a calibration issue or just a crappy set?
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