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Insignia vs polk ......need a lil help

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Here's the deal, I have the Insignia NS-B2111's that get a lot of buzz on the forums as my setup now. These coupled with the Bic H-100 and the Onkyo 605 sound pretty darned good. These are used as strictly Gaming/HT budget system basically. Small Basement HT setup, 12x16 with 7 foot ceiling.

When I was purchasing these I compared them to the Polk RT35i bookshelf speakers that I had on hand. The Insignias held there own, but weren't as defined in highs. The polks easily beat them in all around quality, but for the significant difference in price steered me to the Insignias. Great speakers for the price, and when not used side by side with the Polks, I really don't notice the differences.

I have a chance to get some RT15i bookshelfs for the price of the Insignias. Just wondering if these are a decent upgrade over them and if they are on par with the Rt35i's as a step above the insigs? I know they are a lower series speaker and all, but I can't demo these. Figure they may be worth looking into, but don't think they can beat out the insigs. Lil help would be appreciated.

Heck, wish I could/would just go after the clearance RTi8 's and get it over with....
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