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I use laptop Asus k72jr-ty042 as HTPC which is connected to a projector. I've been using it for few month and everything was working fine until recently because of high CPU use while watching 3D BR video I've noticed that my GPU hardware video decoding isn't working and that the cause is lack of installed ATI drivers (dunno how I missed that when I've reinstalled laptop). So until then everything worked like this: the screen was mirrored on laptop and PJ screens but in laptops screen maximum resolution (1600x900) and when I would close the laptops lid, the picture would automatically stretch at 1920x1080 on PJ screen (and the other way round when I would open the lid)

anyway, I've installed latest ATI radeon mobility driver for my vga (5470m) but strange thing happened: now I have picture only on PJ screen and on laptop is black. The picture on laptop is on while booting but the moment windows start, it turns off and it's only shown on PJ. I've tried all combinations: extending desktop, mirroring etc, nothing... in display-screen resolution it shows that I have two displays but when I pres identify, no1. is PJ display. Also "Fn+" projector on/off shortcut doesn't work.

Also there's strange thing id device manager under "monitors": now i have two generic monitors: MONITOR\LGD01DD and MONITOR\PIO0000 and under ATI ccc under "build in display" there's no any monitor to choose but under digital flat planer theres PJ shown just fine

I've tryed to uninstall clean with driver remove tool and then laptops lcd start to work fine but after reinstalling ati drivers everything is back to same problems

any ideas what is going on?
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