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Installation help Infocus 5700

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Hello everyone,

I will soon be purchasing my very first FP for my newly (mostly) constructed dedicated HT. :D

Based on the advice I've read in threads here over the past 6 months, I've left the construction of the front wall and stage area to the end. Still, I have to make choices with respect to the location of wires and whatnot for the room. I'm expecting to buy an infocus 5700 and downloaded a resource from infocus on determining distance to mount etc. The problem is that I have a beam extending 11" from the ceiling and 11' back from the front wall in an 18' long room. Accordingly, my projector will necessarily be behind the beam (necessitating a longer tube to allow for a ceiling mount). My questions are:

a) How low would I have to mount it if the mount was 16' from the front wall? Can it be mounted so that the bottom of the lens is just below 11" or would I have to go lower?

b) The soffit over my screen (well, wall really) has to be built to hold my center channel so I need to know how low that should come down (again, I was thinking 11"). The infocus spreadsheet suggests that the screen be mounted over 20" from the ceiling if I use their mount (which would be only a few inches off the ceiling.) If I added 20" from the 11" beam height then my screen would seem to be awfully low to the ground (ceiling height is 93").

c) I was planning on sticking my servo 15 on a 7" stage under the screen. this could be too tight if I have to have the screen so low.

d) screen width is expected to be around 87" and height 49" at 16:9 for about a 100" diagonal.

seating distance to screen will be ~ 11' for the front row and 14' for the second row.

Any help or suggestions regarding how to set up my soffit and front wall to accommodate the 5700 would be most appreciated.
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You will likely get lots of suggestions recommending you look at other projecter with more suitable throw rates etc but assuming you are set on the 5700, I would think your only choice is to mount it below the height of the cross-beam and then angle it up slightly to whatever your desired screen height is. You will then have to keystone the picture to compensate. For some this is a no-no. For others it is not really noticeable. That is up to you.
My setup is almost exactly the same as yours. Look at the pictures in my sig.

My beam is 10' from the front wall, and 12" down from the ceilng. I have a 119" screen with the top mounted 12" from the ceiling. I bought the chief mount, and then just some pipe from Home Depot. The lens is also about 12" from the ceiling. I had to tilt the projector a little, and use keystone (It's set on 55, with 50 being no keystone). You can't tell that I'm using keystone at all.

a) Yes, just below the beam will work. The chief mount has a pipe thread on it. I used two short pieces of pipe (4" and 6"), along with a coupler. The pipe thread gives you some natural adjustability.

b) I only had 7' 10" ceiling so I wanted the screen mounted as hight as possible. I have everything level, and you could do that too. Screen 11" from ceiling, beam 11" from ceiling projector lens 11" from ceiling. If you go lower with the screen, you can go high with the lens, and vice versa.

c) I have my subs, and LR channels outside of the screen, but the center is below (again, see pictures in my sig).

Let me know if I can be of any more help!
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Thanks for the great info. That is a huge relief. I have to drop at least 13" from the ceiling anyway because my front soffit is that high to hold a Paradigm CC570 center channel.

Nice website an congratulations on your excellent theater.

I may have to pester you some more later when I get closer to finishing my front wall design.
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