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Installed a Radeon 9200. Runs slower than dirt! Ideas?

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I upgraded (well, I THOUGHT I did....) my test PC by taking out the ATI

Rage 128 AGP card and putting in a new ATI Radeon 9200 AGP card in its place,

and installed the drivers.

I now have the very useful ability to run a monitor and a projector at the

same time, as I use this PC for testing and alignment of projectors that

I work on and sometimes sell.

Previously, with the Rage 128, DVDs played via ZoomPlayer were played

virtually flawlessly. I'd be hard pressed to come up with ANY complaints.

But now, it's almost a slide show. And there seems to be NO smoothing

of any kind going on. I can count the blocks and pixels and it really looks

like crap, not to mention slow. I'd guess that 3 of 4 frames are being


The PC in question is an older one, with a PII-400 and 128 MB of RAM.

It ran great on the older card.

Any ideas what I might have to do to get this running right?

I've checked all the settings I can think of or find. They all look OK to me.

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I would check to see if the ATI Radeon 9200 card is compatible with your older motherboard. Motherboards of PII-400 vintage were usually AGP 1 or 2 while the 9200 is designed for 4 or 8. Also, you might also have a voltage incompatibility between the 9200 and the older motherboard. You could also be experiencing BIOS incompatibilities. I suggest that you toss the PI-400 motherboard and purchase a newer motherboard. Motherboards are pretty cheap now and you could purchase an AMD Athalon or Sempron with more than enough horse power to do what you want to do without spending a lot of cash.


Worst case, I'll drop the 9200 into my main PC and put the NVidia card from it into that PC. Maybe it'll work.

I don't want to throw money into my test PC as its only job is to provide a

convenient source for testing projectors. I sure don't want to upgrade it

because it's not worth it. Projector testing isn't all that demanding an application.

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