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I want to install a sound system in my Prius that lets me play mp3 files. Unfortunately, the overcomplicated in-dash system is very difficult and expensive to replace or modify. It is integrated with the engine and fuel system monitoring computer and requires one to disassemble the entire dashboard. The only built-in options are:


1. FM transmitter (prone to static and unstable).

2. Cassette adapter (hissing noise all the time, low quality).

3. CD player (obsolete technology requiring CDs, low capacity, etc...).


So I figured I'd just put in the following system in the front of the car, stretching the wire to the rear of the car where I plan to put the two speakers:


3in1 Way USB Port Car DC Cigarette Lighter Socket Power Adapter Charger Splitter - $5.00

DC12V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Auto Power Supply Cord 5.5mm Adapter Charger - $5.99

Hi-Fi Audio Power Stereo Amplifier 12V Home Amp for Motorcycle Boat Car US Local - $13.40

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Black) - $34.95

OEM Brand New GE 72624 50 ft TRUE 18 Gauge Speaker Wire Car Home Audio White - $5.99

Dual LU43PB Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Black) - $29.66

Also a 3.5mm cable that I have to go from the MP3 player to the amplifier.


Will this work? Any other options?
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