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Installing XP to two partitions

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I am reinstalling my win xp since I upgraded my htpc. The problem im running into is that my hard drive has two partitions. One is small for the OS and the other large for recordings and such. I wiped the small OS partition and reinstalled xp to it, but xp installed itself across both partitions. Is there a way to stop this default behavior?
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Maybe the "small" partition is too small and XP needed to use part of the large partition for the install. I've never heard of this behavior before. What are your partition sizes anyway?
the OS partition is 6gig, the rest is about 265gig
I did find out why xp is doing this. Its trying to make the system and boot partition separate. The system partition has the boot files and the boot has the OS files. I can make two smaller partitions in the 6 gig space as a workaround but I back up the OS monthly and dont want to use this unless I have too.
Sounds like the initial install got hosed. Time to re-partition and do a clean install.
trying to avoid that as all my shows are on the second partition and I dont have any easy way to backup 200gigs of shows.
200GB ?

time to buy some HDDs
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Buy a velociraptor by western digital to use as your boot drive.
a separate boot drive is a good idea
I had not looked at HDD prices lately. Just saw a 750gig drive for 120 bucks. The Velociraptor is nice but out of my budget. Might be time to upgrade now that im getting into HD recording.
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Originally Posted by gomjabar /forum/post/14102821

Might be time to upgrade now that im getting into HD recording.

A 42 minute 1080i network show (60 min show with 18 min of commercials cut out) is typically a bit over 4 GB size in native mpeg2 format. Save a full season of 22 episodes and you're at 90GB just for one season of one show! Long movies recorded from hi-def premium channels can be 10-12GB or larger.
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