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I posted this in the HD area, thinking maybe i should have posted it here instead,


First, what a great forum! I have seriously gone into information overload reading through some of these great threads.

I run a High School broadcasting club. We stream all of our HS sporting events, we put on a pretty good show for being a High School.

I would like to give our announcers an instant replay tool. I would like them to be able to pause the live stream, back it up and view it, so basically time shifting.

I see that most digital converter / PVR's support analog pass through, would this work? Something like the IVIEW-3200STB

My setup just simple camcorders running SD over composite. The cameras feed into a video mixer, from there i split the output to the live stream and the 7" composite monitor on their announcers table.

I keep thinking back to the 80's video games and the TV/GAME switch. alternatively you could get an rca to f-fitting adapter and go straight into the TV, is that what analog pass through means? if not, any suggestions? am i on the right track here?

Looking for advice from you guys, the experts. Thanks for any feedback!

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