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Instead of sorting by cost.....

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Doesn't it make sense to sort the projector forums by technology? For example a 720p forum vs a 1080p forum.

Just a thought. :)
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1080p and 720p isn't necessarily different technology, just different resolutions. It's only different technology when one is DLP and the other is LCD.

A lot of people are on a budget and having a price forum helps them find what they are looking for easier.

I'm surprised there is not an under $1000 forum yet. :)
Why not sort by resolution?

Any tweaking, computer interfacing, screen design, PC connections, DVD interfacing, etc will pretty much be the same for any similar resolutioned PJ.

Resolution should follow pricing fairly closely also without chasing a moving target like actual listed and street prices.

Of couse, someone with a $20K+ 720p PJ might not want it discussed in the same forum as a $2K- projector. (and "compare these projectors" topics would be a problem)
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