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Insulation in speaker boxes?

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I have built custom in-cieling boxes for my Sonance Symphony S623TR's. I have seen picutures with unfaced insulation in speaker boxes. Should I do this or is it not needed? Someone even suggested getting a foam egg carton matress cover and put pieces of that in my boxes. What is this going to help.

BTW my boxes are constructed of double layered 1x6's for the sides and double layered 1/2" OSB for the top and a signle layer of OSB glued to the drywall for the face. All layers are bulit with Green glue between them and with screws.

Thanks for any advice.
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Call the speaker manufacturer and ask. In general, boxes should have some insulation in them. How much and what kind depends on how you want to tweak the box.
I have always used some type of polyfill, available at the local fabric store, for my speakers/subs. It's cheap and seems to help "tighten" the sound (horribly subjective, I know).

Just don't use too much. Fill the enclosure without packing it in.

Egg carton shaped foam seems to be the deal these days, you can get it at any of the speaker building sites. I used insulation in mine which worked well, not sure how much of an improvement the foam is. Painting the inside of the cabinet with a sound damping material is also at least as beneficial if not more so although I'm not quite clear on what your building.
I don't have any speaker stores near me so I was thinking of going to wal-mart and getting a Twin bed eff foam for this purpose. Is that the same stuff that your talking about?
If you want to damp the box, go to HD and get Mortite (rope caulk). This stuff is cheap and works great.

For air damping (to damp internal waves and make the box appear acoustically larger), just go do JoAnn fabrics and get some cotton or poly based pillow stuffing. Start out by stuffing it about half full and try it and work from there.

I'd still strongly suggest contacting the manufacturer and see what they recommend for your particular driver/box combination.
Originally posted by bpape
If you want to damp the box, go to HD and get Mortite (rope caulk). This stuff is cheap and works great.
What do you do with this stuff? Seal the seams?
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