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I have an insurance claim against a moving company. My TH-58PE75U was damaged beyond repair. I paid for replacement value coverage. Here is what the claims company says:
"The carrier’s maximum liability for the television would be the replacement cost of a television of like, kind and quality."

I asked for a TC-P60ZT60. The claims company's reply:
"I checked Bestbuy.com for Panasonic model #TC-P60ZT60. This television would not be like, kind and quality to the television that was damaged. This new television is a smart, 3D television. The television that was damaged was not a smart TV and did not have 3D capabilities. I will have to look online for the specifications for the television that was damaged and try to match that with a plasma television available today. A smart television with 3D would be a betterment to the television that was damaged. I will check further and advise what we can offer for a replacement television of like, kind and quality."

So what is a replacement for the best picture quality plasma I could find in 2007?

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Well the PE75U was a basic entry-level "720p" bargain warehouse model, and you're asking them to replace it with the top-of-the-line 1080p flagship that is one of the best TVs ever made in the history of mankind LOL.

Problem is that most current TVs being made nowdays are smart and have 3D capability built in, which weren't even available on 2007 model year TVs like yours was so of course they're going to have a hard time finding an equitable model. And to top that there are no more Panasonic Plasmas being made so that further limits their choices. The wording of their policy is technically vague and doesn't take into account the evolution of TV features and advent of smart capability even on low end models over the years and leaves them room for lots of interpretation, which is to the betterment of themselves. But it's not your fault that there is no current models that are equitable to the one they broke so they can't use that as an excuse to low-ball your claim and you should push back hard.

The closest Panasonic series to your PE75U would be the X60 series (both are "720p") but the largest size in that series is only 50 inches. So if i had to pick a fair replacement Panasonic model it would be the 60" S60 series (their lowest 60" model) but it's a 1080p model and it's smart.

Your PE75U had a good Anti-Reflective Filter which the lower-end and mid-level Panasonics and Samsungs do not have so you could insist of getting the lowest model that has an AR Filter (Panasonic ST60 or Samsung F8500).

Tell them to find you a 58" (or even 60") Plasma TV that has (A) an AR Filter, (B) one that is not smart, and (C) one that is not 3D to replace the TV THEY BROKE. They can't find such a TV because nobody currently makes such a TV.

You'll probably have to settle for a cash settlement, but i don't know how they're going to determine the "replacement value". To me, replacement value is whatever dollar amount that your original receipt has on it, so maybe you can use that as a starting point in your negotiation. Small Claims Court is also an option.

Here's a link to your original TV:


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