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My wife and I saw this in 3D. My wife is a big fan of the books, and admittedly I enjoyed them also. The movie was ok. The 3D was not. The movie had some fantastic visuals, and they made the 3D work for a few of them.

No Spoilers:
There are many scenes with futuristic computers and monitors, and the 3D really adds beautiful depth and effect to these elements. I fleeting glimpse of what could have been. There were a few other visually stunning scene where the 3D worked beautifully with it. The simulation scenes were good examples of this.

There were scenes where you could watch with no glasses on. - no depth what so ever. Usually these were ok, but there were a few more then I think were artistically called for.

Clearly not shot with 3D in mind. Specifically there a few scenes shot with weak brokeh. This out of focused background in pretty standard in photography and videography. In these cases the brokeh wasn't strong enough for a smooth back ground. In one scene the blurred outline of a tree was still visible which caused a really distracting effect.Its hard to describe, but this scene should have just been 2D. It was only dialogue, but I just stared at the tree the whole time.

The most egregious thing however was at the very end of the movie there was a fast paced pan through the city. This seen was CGI and would have been perfect for 3D - and they blew it. It looked terrible. It was the only scene in the whole movie that looked like it was shot for 3D and the conversion was awful. It was either lazy or uninspired. I'm not sire which is worse.

My wife is not nearly as critical as I am when it comes to 3D, but she commented that the 3D wasn't worth it. If studios don't do a better job with these conversions, it will harder to convince my wife that we need to put down the extra money to see the 3D version. Luckily at home, she loves our 3D setup. I try to see the movie in theaters in 3D to support the 3D market, but pretty soon these conversion will just be rental fodder.
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