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Integra 7.8 VS Yamaha RX v1800

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I am slowly building a home theater, and over the last few months i have picked up everything i need except a receiver. I will be running JBL studio L series speakers (specifically L890x2, L830x2, LC2, L8400 p).

I have been looking at receivers and i am very torn. I want Dolby True HD via HDMI 1.3a, however, video processing for me is not an issue. I will let my epson 1080ub do that work for me.

I have looked at a bunch of different projectors and asked advice from a few people. They have recommended the Integra 7.8 and Marantz 7002.

I guess my real question is, will these receivers perform better than lets say any of the following receivers even though their specs are the same.

Yamaha RX V-1800

Onkyo SR805

Pioneer 92txh or 94txh

Denon 3808


I have heard yes, because of their superior build quality. Any thoughts?

EDIT: BTW the main use will be for BluRay, ps3, xbox 360 as well as DVDs.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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