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I just purchased a used DHC 80.2. I went this route because the 80.6 seems to have added ATMOS. A quick search of movies recorded with ATMOS results in this being the most logical choice. Even 7.1 movies. It seems all movies are 5.1 and only some 7.1. So financially this made more sense to me.
I have had a bit of a challenge setting this thing up. I finally got it to run with all 7.1 speakers. Not a big deal once you understand the logic. I'm not too thrilled with the sound, so I know something is still not tuned correctly. I'm running an Emotiva XPA-5 and XPA-200 for subs. So power isn't an issue. My surrounds and back surrounds are working but the volume is very low. Hardly noticeable. I did the Audyssey calibration.
Any advice on how to tune this monster?:cool:
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