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Hello... I have an Integra DTR-6 which I have two Sony CDP-CX555ES CD jukeboxes hooked up to. Everything worked fine until the slave jukebox stopped putting out any volume but the master jukebox still worked fine. I replaced the slave with another CDP-CX555EX but found that it too played but had no volume out-put. My problem now is worse because when I tried testing the new jukebox by hooking it up as the master, making all the proper adjustments and moving the optical cable over - it still would not work. NOW, when I hooked back up my original master CD Jukebox, it plays for a few seconds then the volume drops out and the statement "PCM 44.1 KHz" pops up, then it goes back to play the cd for a few seconds and then the volume drops out again, on and on. I made sure that I had re-hooked the master as it was before. So, now I have two problems. I may have moved over the cables with the integra and cd jukebox playing and wonder if this may have caused my problem and if it is fatal. Please help! My great thanks in advance on this.
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