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Integra or H/K

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Have a chance to get either the Integra DTR 7.3 or the H/K AVR-630 for about the same price. Don't have any other equipment other than my 57 Hitachi T500 right now. Any opinions on which is the better deal??

Yeah, I've read and searched but could not find any direct comparisons between the two.

Any input will be appreciated.
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Well, went ahead and bought the Integra......Now I have to find some speakers...Hmmmmm
I think you made the right choice. My installer features Integra exclusively and recommends them highly. I believe I will follow suit and buy the Integra over the Yamaha 2400 since I value his opinion.

I am pairing the Integra with Paradigms. Try them. Very nice speakers.


I would at least audition the 2400 before jumping to any conclusions a salesman offers. Does the same store sell yamaha? I think that your own personal review of these units is the most valuable piece of testimony, not the dealer's. As long as you've auditioned both units and personally prefer the integra, thats all that matters.
Yes, I heard my integra paired with the Paradigms...Very Nice...

However, I think I may be leaning toward the Rockets based on price and some of the reviews I've read. Still haven't decided yet...

I've got a while to think about it anyway, The wife kind of got angry when I bought my TV, A sofa and loveseat and the Integra all within the same month...Can you say doghouse:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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