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Integra update keeps freezing up midway through upload. Anyone???

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O.K. The Audyssey installer was able to find the update file online. However, we could never get it to complete. The furthest we ever made it was to 13K of a 25K file. It would freeze in the middle of the update at various positions. We tried it a minimum of 20 times over a 4 hour period, and changed all kinds of "com" settings, restarts, 4 different cables, 2 different laptops.........pretty much anything we could think of. Also, before this while holding down "display and power", it read 1.01. It now just reads


or whatever the display shows when you plug it back in while holding down the "tuning up" button.

I have the DTR 8.9.

Any ideas??? We are going to call integra in a few minutes. I do have a local dealer within a few miles of my house but the nearest service center is in Michigan!!!!!! I live in St. Louis.

Man, I've performed many firmware updates on equipment before and this has to be the most frustrating and inconvenient situation EVER! I've read through MANY different posts here with endusers having the same issue and there doesn't seem to be any direct answer other than, "keep trying....eventually it will work." REALLY??? It's doesn't need to be this difficult.

Thanks for any advice you might have!!

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For anyone else having this problem, I really wish I had the answer for you. But it's pretty much the same solution as others have posted.............

Keep trying until it works!!!

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