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integrate a computer desk into a media room

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I'm planning out my little slice of the house. I want to have a huge screen, super comfy seating. My Arcade machine and a computer desk. Now the thing that I cant just picture us how to integrate a desk besides just putting a desk against the wall in the room. Anyone got a full computer setup in there home theater or game room and care to share some pictures?
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Room dimensions? Layout of the room?

What are you trying to accomplish? Use the computer at the desk while watching a movie, or just trying to get everything to fit in one space?

There are some cool fold-away desks (like a Murphy bed concept), but that would depend on how you want to use the room...

I know I've seen photos here of folks that had their computer desk set up as a 2nd row seating for the theater. It ends up looking like an audio editing/production studio. Which is kinda cool!

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Here's my modest desk setup. This is at the back of my 21x14 ft room. All told it cost me about $125 for 2 sheets of cabinet grade maple ply wood and some water based clear coat.

I figure 5 years from now I won't even have a need for a stand alone computer, and I'll be able to pull it all down, patch the drywall and re-purpose the area.

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