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I am trying to figure out how to integrate my DVD player into my setup so I can also use it to play CDs without having to have the TV on. Hopefully this will be understandable.

Just got a new HDTV (Vizio E500i-B1). Previously had a CRT, VCR, DVD player, Cable box/DVR all hooked up with my Onkyo TX-1185 as the receiver. It worked for the old school setup but now I am trying to adapt to modern times.

My Apex DVD player is older, so only has S-video, component and coaxial connectors. No HDMI. Right now I connect it to the HDTV via component cables (red, white, yellow). I currently use RCA cables (red, white) for audio out on the HDTV to video input on the Onkyo receiver. Sound from the TV can be heard through the receiver by selecting "video 2" (receiver has video 1 and video 2 inputs). For TV watching and DVD watching this is fine. But if I want to use the DVD player to listen to a CD I have to have the TV set to cable input, like I would for watching a DVD, and the TV has to remain on for me to hear the CD through the receiver. The DVD menu screen is displayed too the entire time.

I think I would need to have a separate connection from the DVD/CD player to the Onxyo receiver in order to play CDs without going through the TV. Any way to do this with the limited connection options of the Apex DVD player? Or would it be better to just get a new DVD player, hook it up via HDMI to the TV and then use component cables to connect the audio out to the receiver? I assume newer DVD players have HDMI and component audio out options. Hopefully this makes sense, sorry it is so long.
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