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I've been looking for a higher powered amp than my RX-A700 for my Chane A5 speakers and have realized most 2 channel stuff is still Class A/B or tube, or some combination of both.
My source is mostly streaming apps, such as Tidal and some bluetooth over aptX and USB from my computer. I don't have a lot of CDs so I ripped them to HDD and LPs are not important for me ATM.

Here's what I'm looking for:
- Toslink and Coax inputs
-USB with DAC
-One or two analog inputs
-150+ watts at 8 ohms
-Line out for sub with LPF

So far, I've found the following amps that offer these features:
-Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated X1 ($3500)
-NuPrime IDA 16 ($2600)
-Parasound Integrated ($2500) -shipping delayed until June 2015

Have any of you heard these amps? What are your impressions?
Are there any other products out there that meet the requirements?

I'm leaning towards the X1 since it has a tube buffer for compressed audio, which is probably 50% of the music play.

Thanks for your advice.
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